Sunday, May 12, 2013

Dashi Dorawa ! #BFF ~ =_=

I'm so sick and tired of acting like I'm fine because truthfully, I'm not. I can't even talk to you without being so incredibly sad. You were the one person who was always supposed to be there for me, my best friend, my everything.. and you ruined it all in that moment. And I acted like it 
didn't hurt, and for a while, I didn't think it did...but the tears are here and I now realize that it hurt more than anything in the world.

I hope i made you laugh
when you were about to cry

I hope i made you smile
you you really wanted to die

I hope i made you think about something twice you wouldnt have before

because you've done all this for me, and you did a whole lot more

i know its probably hard for you to see...
how much you truly mean to me

...and please know down deep in your heart, 

even though we're far apart

that ill always be there for you to call, 

when you need some help from your fall. 

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